Products We Offer


Liquid Control Valve-Hydraulic Control Valve

> Water Pressure Reducing Valve       

> High Pressure Water Control Valve

 > Pressure Relief Valve Water 

>  Pressure Sustaining Valve 

>  Liquid Flow Control Valve

>  Pump Control Valve

> Liquid Check Valve

> Liquid Surge Relief Valve

> Surge Anticipating Relief Valve

> Liquid Solenoid Controlled Valve

>   Altitude Control Valve

> Automatic Level Control Valve

> Deluge Valve

> Differential Pressure Control Valve


Pressure Regulator

> High Pressure Regulator

> Water Pressure Regulator

>  Back Pressure Regulator

> Natural Gas Pressure Regulator

> Nitrogen Gas Pressure Regulator

> High Pressure Air Regulator

> Two stage Regulator

> Dome Loaded Regulator

>Venting Regulator

> Gas Pressure Regulator

> Differential Pressure Regulator

Applications & Solutions

Industrial-Valve Manufacture

Industrial Valves

> Pressure Seal Valve
> Double Block & Bleed Valve
> Piston Valve
> Gate Valve
> Globe Valve
> Ball Valve
> Jacketed Ball Valve
> Top Entry Ball Valve
> Check valve
> Strainer and Filter



> Pressure Reducing Skid
> Pressure Reducing Station
> Pressure Reducing Manifold
> Pressure Reducing Desuperheater Station
> Natural Gas Skid / Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Skid
> Custody Transfer Metering Skid

Tank-Blanketing Manufacturer

Tank Blanketing System

> Direct Tank Blanketing Regulator
> Pilot Operated Tank Blanketing Valve

Station Manufacturer

Customized System

Surge Relief System/ Nitrogen Loaded Surge Relief Valve
 > Chemical Metering System
> Truck Loading and Unloading Skid
> Pig launcher and receiver

An ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company

Instdustry We Serve In : Oil And gas/ Petrochemical-Oil Refineries/ Fertilizer-Chemical Industry/ Food-Dairy Process/                                         Drugs-Pharmaceuticals/ Power Industy/ Paper-Pulp Industry 
Domestic Market:  Ahmedabad/ Banglore / Hyderabad/ Chennai/  Mumbai / Pune/ Kolkata / Secundarabad/ Visakhapatnam/ Vadodara/    Ankleshwar/ Vapi /Gujarat   
Media We Supply In:  Air / Gas/ Liquid/ Water/ Steam

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